Calls for widespread civil disobedience, political strikes in Sudan after coup

05:05 A

Thursday 28 October 2021

By Maria Nimer
Protest movements in Sudan’s capital of Khartoum and other cities across the country have called for widespread civil disobedience and political strikes, in protest against the miliatry’s takeover and arrests of government officials and political leaders.
The so-called Resistance Committees have also warned against the return of the rule of the former National Congress Party and its Islamists allies.
There have been widespread calls on social media to take part in the civil disobedience urged by coordinations of the resistance committees of each province in Sudan. The committees vowed to resist the military coup by all peaceful means. They said they will announce plans of protest escalation to remove the military council that instated the coup.
Part of the protests escalation, demonstrators continued setting up makeshift barricades in the capital’s streets, paralyzing it. The committees have also kept hold night protests in neighborhood and prepare for the “one million march” on Saturday
They also plan to organize forums on the political situation, with the paths of Oct. 30 protests to be announced later.