Roaring protest marches engulf Sudan after Burhan’s coup

11:19 A

Saturday 30 October 2021

By Maria Nemr

Mass protest marches began Saturday afternoon in accords Sudan against the military coup.

Large numbers of protesters took to the streets in a revolutionary show, in response to calls by the Resistance Committees in cities and villages accords the country.

Given internet access restrictions, Resistance Committees printed posters and distributed then in neighborhoods. Revolutionaries waved slogans of peace, freedom, and justice.

Revolutionaries’ demands include handing over power to civilians, try members of the Transitional Military Council on charges of instating the coup.

They also reject dialogue and negotiations with each of the Military Council, and for attempts to have Sudan joins international axes.

Among the demands are dissolving all armed militias and restructuring the country’s armed forces according to a specified timeframe.

They also call for establishing all bodies of the transitional authority withing a limited timeframe, and ensued Sudan’s sovereignty regarding all political, economic and security decisions.