Sudanese Women Groups Call for Action Against Rape of Women protesters

11:13 A

Tuesday 21 December 2021

At least two young women protesters were confirmed to be raped in Khartoum during the crackdown of protests and Sit in near the presidential palace on December 19th, 2021. Another 11 elven cases of rape were allegedly took place while protesters were fleeing the area. Dozens of sever sexual abuse cases were reported by medical professionals. According to lawyers and medical care providers, one of rape the survivors had to go to surgery due to the severe injuries caused by the perpetrators.

On December 19th, 2021, Sudanese people took streets in mass numbers demanding the ending of the military coup and calling fir civilian government. Tow protesters were killed and 300 were injured according to medical reports. Thousands of protesters reached the presidential palace in Khartoum and announced a sit in. Joint Security forces started attacking protesters in front of the palace with tear gas, live ammunitions and beating batons. Medical professionals and ambulances were prevented form moving to evacuate injured people, while protesters, especially women were arrested by riot police and national reserve forces. Dozens of women protesters were subjected to beating, sexual harassment and verbal abuse during the crackdown. Dozens of women protesters reported being verbally and sexually abused and looted by men police, military and Rapid Support Forces uniforms. Women who were arrested were released few hours later on bail.

The leadership of Sudanese women of the resistance movement since the 2018 revolution have been well established in the last three years. This systemic attacks by government forces agaisnt women protesters aims at preventing women from actively participating in the public sphere. During the protests og 2019, the former regime of Albashir used similar tactics to eliminate women participation in protests. At the June 3rd, 2019 massacre in Khartoum, Rapid Support Forces, raped more than 60 women protesters. Many women protesters confirmed to us that these actions of sexual violence and sexual harassment are mainly carried out men belong to security forces. Male protesters were not reported to attack women protesters during months of protests since 2018. Although that women continue to face gender discrimination during protests by fellow men protesters as some young women protesters reported being asked to move away from the frontlines during the protesters engagement with security forces. Sudanese at the frontlines if these protests continue to fight against the oppressive regime and gender discrimination.

We the undersigned groups call for:

Independent and immediate investigation by the government and the Human Rights Council appointed special expert on Sudan into the cases of sexual violence against women protesters during and after the December 19th protests.

We call on the Sudanes forces to end all forms of gender based violence against women protesters and carry independent investigation by independent committee to the reported excessive use of violence against women protesters and present those responsible to justice and lift impunity of security forces in these crimes.

We call on the relevant mandate holders at the OHCHR to take action according to their mandates to condemn and put pressure on Sudanese government to comply with its commitments to protection and respect of women and human rights.

Signed by

Sudanese Women Rights Action

Noura Center for Combating Sexual Violence against women and girls