Women to join massive anti-coup marches with martyrs’ mothers, families attending

03:00 P

Sunday 16 January 2022

Khartoum - Malaz Essam
The mother of martyr Fateh, who was killed on Jan. 21, 2029, lashed out at Gen. Abdel-Fattah al-Burhan, head of the military, accusing him of killing peaceful protesters to remain in power.
She said the military and allied civilians led the country to such crisis and “failed our revolution, our sons and justice.” She spoke as she took part in a protest march on Tuesday, Jan 11, 2022 in the Martyr Abdel-Azim Street, which was known as the Arbaeen St.
Martyr’s mothers said they would continue their struggle to establish a fully civilian government and achieve freedom, peace and justice, and all demands their sons protested for. They wondered why security forces and militias kill peaceful children and young people.
They also thanked health care workers for their role in treating wounded protesters.
The protest march was organized by Sudanese Women Movement, Resistance Committees in neighborhoods of Arbaeen, Feel and Mawrads. An earlier protest took place in the Ardah Street. The protesters took to the streets to denounce systemic killings and all violations against girls and other Sudanese following the Oct. 25 coup.
Many revolutionary groups, families of martyrs, Omdurman University students also took part in the protests.
Ramming Children
The mother of child Arif Ahmed wondered about the beating and killing of children by security forces. She said that her 14-year-old child was wounded on Jan 9 near the Arbaeen Hospital, when a policeman hit him with a tear gas canister in his stomach. Forces also attempted to ram a vehicle on him. She said this is my message to police chief who said in a news conference a few days ago that they have orders to use sticks, batons, tear gas and live ammunition against protesters.
The mother of martyr Khater said their sons died for the sake of their nation not for power. She said they just want that country to move forward and achieve rights, justice through holding al-Burhan, Gen. Moahmed Hamdan Dagalo and their forces accountable.
“We want the rights of our sons and all martyrs across Sudan,” she said.
The mother of martyr al-Nazeer Abdel-Baki said they won’t rest until achieving comprehensive change and the demand of martyrs including freedom, peace, justice and a fully civilian government. She hoped that the situation to be changed through peaceful means.
“Those who kill people can’t face them alive,” she said.
There were injuries during the march, and security forces chased protesters inside hospitals, according to activists.
“We hope nobody else endure our pain and sadness,” said the mother of martyr Fateh.