Statement oF legal Advisers of Justice Ministry Coaling for Strike and End of Violence

02:56 P

Wednesday 19 January 2022

Statement oF legal Advisers of Justice Ministry Coaling for Strike and End of Violence

To the masses of our Sudanese people, the source of all authorities

We are the Legal Advisers of the Ministry of Justice,
Proceeding from our national, ethical and professional legal responsibility,
In pursuit of the truth and to demonstrate the justice entrusted to us to establish
And in order to fulfill the requirements of the secretariat which we have undertaken
On our necks by accepting to assign us the tasks of our jobs as advisors to state agencies represented in
Our duty is to extend the rule of law, achieve justice, and work to respect its texts and provisions
The constitution, upholding the values ​​of right and working to promote human rights in accordance with our competencies contained in the law organizing the Ministry of Justice.
In respect of the oath we have taken and by which we are committed to extending the rule of law,
And our refusal to kill the soul that God has forbidden except by right, beating, intimidation, storming hospitals, violating the sanctity of homes, attacking privacy and other grave violations of human rights committed by the regular forces against the citizens whom they must protect,
Aware of the unconstitutionality of the current Sovereignty Council formed after the 25/10/2021 coup in violation of the provisions of the 2019 Constitutional Document, an amendment to 2020 governing the transitional period, and consequently the unconstitutionality of all its procedures and decisions,
And our belief that the authority of government derives from the sovereignty of the people, their free will, and the sovereignty of government
Law, accountability, equality, respect and justice, and to protect these gains, the nationally-formed regular forces found their loyalty to God and the homeland and their jurisdiction in accordance with the Armed Forces Law of 2007 (Amendment) 2019 and other laws to protect the country’s sovereignty, defend and defend the constitutional system, secure the country’s integrity and affirm the rule of law and civil rule,
Realizing that the continuation of the current authority is a continuation of killing, violation of sanctities and impunity, and this is evidenced by the issuance of Emergency Order No. (3) of 2021, which stipulates giving the regular forces wide powers and granting them procedural immunity against any violations that may be issued by them as a result of their implementation of the emergency order, which It has caused such massive violations of human rights;
Aware of the unconstitutionality and legality of declaring a state of emergency on 10/25/2021 as mentioned above and issued in violation of the provisions of the Constitutional Document 2019 amending for the year 2020 AD governing the transitional period;
Recognizing that our continued provision of legal services to state agencies in light of the continuation of committing violations, the most recent of which was the killing of Nefer Karim on Monday, January 17, 2022 AD, without taking a clear position expressing our explicit rejection of these violations, is a complicity in the commission of these crimes, we We declare our complete and absolute rejection of the undermining of the constitutional system that took place on the twenty-fifth of October 2021 and all the measures that resulted from it. perpetrators of those crimes and other violations of human rights from punishment,
In view of the foregoing, we are committed to achieving the following:
- Immediate lifting of the state of emergency declared in the country since the twenty-fifth of October of the year 2021 and nullifying the effect of all measures taken to implement it.
- Immediately stop the violations against peaceful demonstrators, including extrajudicial killings, unlawful arrests, enforced disappearances, torture and other forms of abuse or inhumane treatment.
- Immediate detection of the perpetrators of violations and bringing them to justice in order to hold them accountable.
- Immediately start the procedures for transferring power to a civilian government agreed upon by the Sudanese people.
Until the above demands are achieved, we announce our civil disobedience and our standing with all calls for strikes, vigils and comprehensive civil disobedience, and we announce our cessation of providing legal services to state agencies from its date until Thursday, January 20, 2022 in preparation for comprehensive civil disobedience until the situation returns to its constitutional track

Ministry of Justice advisors
January 17, 2022 AD