Displaced woman dead in attack on Village of Quraida

06:11 P

Sunday 24 October 2021

Sudayat: Miah Al Nile

The displaced woman "Soraya Bakhit Ahmed was killed by two bullets from armed militias in an attack left on unarmed civilians in the village of "Jadal Qamari". The coordinator of the resistance committees in the locality of Qureida "Mohammed Musa Lahm El teir" said: gunmen riding horses carrying weapons (Janjaweed) attacked the village of "Jadal Qamari" in the locality of Qaryda, south Darfur state, about 20 kilometers away late last night, and fired indiscriminately for the purpose of theft and looting, resulting in the death of the displaced "Soraya" and the perpetrators.

He said that the government of the revolution failed to establish security in the village, and inspected every year dozens of its children before and after the revolution in the season of agriculture and harvesting and "Lahm Elteir" helds the responsibility to the government of the revolution and the state and demanded an immediate investigation, adding that within two weeks the martyr "Abdul Aziz", the brother of the martyr was killed after an armed attack on the village of "Um Karta", where the attack began By firing shots in the air, a citizen was martyred and managed to steal a number of livestock and fled, as the village witnessed in the past months the martyrdom of a number of men, women and children with the same repeated scenario.