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Alsudaniyat news platform is the first Sudanese women media and news platform reporting by for women from all over Sudan. The platform cover news from agender perspective to ensure women voices are amplified and heard. The news, articles and reports published in the platform are mostly created by Sudanese young women citizen journalists and activists. The platform have a wide network of local women citizen journalists and activists reflecting the situation of Sudanese women and highlighting issues related to sexual violence, political participation and peace and security. 

Alsudaniyat Platform for women studies and publication is research and media platform aiming at providing safe and free space for resistance, self-expression, and creativity for Sudanese women. The platform works to enhance Sudanese women capacity to produce and publish cultural, scientific, and creative content. We wok to facilitate the process of publication using online tools and paper printing. The platform focus on supporting young Sudanese women researchers, writers, journalists and activists; through creating interactive spaces for connecting, learning and networking.

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